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Brand Categories

With our brand categories, you can find the right brand profile for the brand you are looking for. We help you choose the right brand to ensure your success and satisfaction.

How is the value of an inactive brand determined?

Determining the brand value of a dormant brand depends on a number of factors such as the brand's awareness and reputation on the market or the loyalty of consumers. These means evaluating historical data and brand history, analysing brand associations at the time and past brand positioning, observing current industry trends and conducting market research. Ultimately, an inactive brand can only be successfully revived through a thorough analysis of its past, its interpretation and its implementation in the present.

Thanks to our many years of experience and in-depth knowledge, we are able to offer dormant and inactive watch brands with a thoroughly researched past and thus with a high degree of authenticity.

Selling prices of the brands offered are available on request

Choose the Right Brand
Picture show a table with the SWB Brand-Categories Economical, Professional and Prime.
Entrepreneurs Investors Watch Lovers

Your brand is still represented on the second-hand market with numerous watch models. You can benefit from this level of  awareness with a reminiscence of earlier watch models. Revive former icons of your watch brand with neo-vintage watch models. Since your watch brand is still known today, you can tie in to past successes faster and with less effort and re-establish the brand.

Acquiring a Swiss watch brand with history is an investment in the growing secondary market for watches. It offers not only a capital value with growth potential, but also a unique and exclusive lifestyle experience. Diversifying your portfolio in this way is a sustainable investment in the world of unique and inimitable luxury. 

Buy, sell and collect watches from your own historical watch brand. Provide a platform for like-minded watch enthusiasts to trade vintage watches and maintain friendships. Share your hobby with watch stories of your brand with all watch collectors and become part of your own brand story and thus part of Swiss watch history.

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