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Brands for Entrepreneurs

Benefit from a lively past.

Now is the right time to start.

The value of watchmaking today is based on historical stories, brand values and visible watches on the secondary market. Watch brands with a visible past and history make it easier to get started in entrepreneurship and offer many more opportunities than one would expect from a "normal" private label watch business built from scratch.

Picture shows a collection of various vintage watches of the brand "BRITIX".

In Watches, What's Old is New

Brands are reviving retro favorites for a new generation of collectors.

While the supply of the most famous brands such as Rolex, Audemars Piquet or Patek Philippe is shrinking and prices are rising into the astronomical, younger collectors are also more open to discovering previously unknown and long forgotten brands. So if you start with a new collection inspired by the most distinctive iconic pieces from a previous collection of your brand, the interest of collectors worldwide will be aroused.

"Collectors like the heritage and history of retro watches that are reworked for today. The technology is state of the art, but the look and feel hearkens back to another time" said Ira Melnitsky, chief executive of Tourneau LLC in the NYT.


Your watch brand benefits in two ways: from the growing interest in earlier watches and their history, and from the interest in reintroducing earlier icons in limited quantities. With SWB's historical watch brands, you have many promising business opportunities.

 SWB - Authentic vintage brands with history

Now that the shopping world is online, a new era begins. With SWB's historic Swiss watch brands, you are in the right place at the right time to successfully build your own watch business.

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