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Brands for Investors

Diversify your portfolio with a new alternative asset.

Alternative Assets

Valuable Swiss watch brands are increasingly seen as an asset class in their own right. A fast-growing market for second-hand watches, worth several billion worldwide, creates opportunities for owners of watch brands with history. Consumer demand for vintage products by Millennials or Generation Z is rising sharply.

However, with the popularity of second-hand watches, the prices of the best-known luxury watch brands such as Rolex or Patek Philippe in particular have become increasingly overprized and unaffordable for many collectors. These high prices have led collectors to consider lesser known brands.

Photo of a diver watch of the vintage brand ARDATH

Profit from the growth potential.

The market for secondhand hard luxury items — primarily watches and jewelry —is worth about €21 billion worldwide and growing at 8% a year, faster than the luxury industry overall.

Passion Investment

As the supply of affordable vintage watches shrinks and prices sometimes rise into the astronomical, younger collectors are also more open to discovering previously unknown brands. A new wave of collector interest in vintage watches at affordable prices has contributed to the emergence of nearly forgotten brands.

"The most prized watch brands you've never heard of - The rising prices of Rolexes and Pateks have collectors turning to what one expert called the 'dead brands society'. There's a certain nostalgia for these brands because they don't exist anymore” said William Rohr in the NYT.


Buying a formerly famous watch brand with history is a valuable investment in the growing secondary market for watches. The rarity of watch brands with an exceptional past guarantees an increasing value, as such brands become increasingly rare to obtain.

 SWB - Authentic watch brands with history

You're not just buying a watch brand, you're buying a piece of history, a brand with the allure of nostalgia that offers a unique authenticity and originality.


Discover the next icon by reviving the past glory of your dormant brand and make an investment on your wrist.

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