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Our offered vintage brands of Switzerland have a great history and still enjoy high reputation today. With the appeal of nostalgia, the fully documented watch brands provide unique authenticity and originality.


Some brands stand for outstanding craftsmanship, others for amazing innovations or important patents. All of them are presented with a history that testifies to fame and success over many decades, making for an unforgettable Swiss watch history.

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Montilier advertisements showing the wide range of watch models due to the long history of this brand.

Montilier est. 1852

MONTILIER Watch Co. is an outstanding company by its history and achievements. Montilier watches traveled by ship to the British Isles, America, and the far corners of the world. Between 1860 and 1930, an estimated three to four million watches left the Montilier factory, which at times employed 600 people.

Montilier watches are coveted by true connoisseurs and enthusiasts worldwide. Especially rare and valuable watch models are auctioned in famous auction houses like Sotheby's. ​Montilier has an unsurpassed documentation, covering more than a hundred years.

The wide range of watch models that Montilier has produced over the course of a century makes it possible to find the most suitable model for a new start. An unbeatable advantage in an ever-changing watch market.

MONTILIER is a brand in the category "Prime"

It shows a rectangular yellow gold watch with gold strap.
Here are many question marks to see.
Here the pictures shows a black smartwatch without branding


Some watch brands have a great past with diving watches, others were known for chronographs. Some brands made watches that looked very similar at first glance, but served completely different customer segments and therefore had very different pasts.


Which watch brand you ultimately choose will depend on your target markets, your business goals, or simply your personal preferences.


With our consulting package we support you in your decision. Our experts understand your needs and wishes and translate them into the most suitable watch brands, namely those that best suit you and your business and personal goals. This way, you can optimally benefit from the heritage and prospects of your vintage brand.

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