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Collage of old watch brands and their advertisements.

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You receive legal ownership of your vintage watch brand and the Swiss trademark registration can be extended to other important markets. You also get the sole copyright to the researched brand history with a Certificate of Authenticity. All analogue information, including original memorabilia, is documented and digitally processed so that your brand is ready for relaunch.

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February's Brand of the Month: CART est. 1920

There are not many watch brands that have such an amazing history as Robert Cart and his company. Or do you know of many watch brands that require a licence from a third party patent in order to use it for their own watches? Yes, okay, you're probably right, it's not that rare.

But what if the companies applying for these licences were called Breguet or Vacheron Constantin? That would be something of an honour, would it not?

1930 auctioned Vacheron Constantin made by Robert Cart.jpg
1928 January 27 patent wandering time - heures vagabondes.jpg

Auctioned at Christie's: A very fine and rare 18K yellow and white gold keyless lever wandering hours watch with triangular ruby minute pointer, signed Vacheron & Constantin, Robert Cart, "chronoscope" model, manufactured in 1930.

Pictured is the original patent granted to Robert Cart in 1928.

Born in the Vallée de Joux, the cradle of fine watchmaking, Robert Cart (1871 - 1964) became a watchmaker and a leading figure of his time. He attended the watchmaking school in La Chaux-de-Fonds, where his father was already a teacher. He went on to complete his training as a watchmaker, specialising in complicated movements, and then worked for a number of smaller firms. By the time he set up his own company in 1919, he was a sought-after specialist and had acquired extensive expertise at an early stage. One of his many successes was winning a gold medal at the 1900 World's Fair in Paris.

In honour of Queen Victoria of England, watches were created with prominent minute strikes. As a tribute, the watchmaker designed a triple chronograph, a double chapter ring watch, and a chronograph with a perpetual calendar. All of these watches were equipped with a Westminster striking mechanism featuring four hammers.

1950s men Robert Cart.jpg

Men's watch with small second from the 1960s

Robert Cart Art Deco Platinum Diamond Wristwatch early 1900s.jpg

Robert Cart Art Deco Platinum Diamond Wristwatch early 1900s

Robert Cart's watches were often discussed and admired in the specialsed press, as in 1952 the complicated and highly developed movements were still made exclusively by hand and not by machine. His excellence in ultra-thin, high-precision movements brought him clients such as Tiffany's in New York and many other prestigious customers worldwide.

Robert Cart is a brand in the category Professional.

It shows a rectangular yellow gold watch with gold strap.
Question Mark.png
Here the pictures shows a black smartwatch without branding


Some watch brands have a great past with diving watches, others were known for chronographs. Some brands made watches that looked very similar at first glance, but served completely different customer segments and therefore had very different pasts.


Which watch brand you ultimately choose will depend on your target markets, your business goals, or simply your personal preferences.

With our consulting package we support you in your decision. Our experts understand your needs and wishes and translate them into the most suitable watch brands, namely those that best suit you and your business and personal goals. This way, you can optimally benefit from the heritage and prospects of your vintage brand.

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