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Swiss vintage watch brands now available for all watch lovers

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Not only for “big players”, now also for Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs and private Collectors: Ready-made Swiss vintage watch brands make it possible to profit from the booming market for second-hand watches.

Zurich – June 2021 -- Until today, only the big players of the watch industry could afford to revive a sleeping Swiss watch brand. They launched it with an exclusive champagne event in a watch shop in a prime location, accompanied by a campaign worth millions.

Now that the shopping world has gone online, this is a thing of the past.

Swiss vintage watch brands now available for all watch lovers

It’s the beginning of a new era for all watch lovers. It’s definitely more fun – and also more promising – to launch a new vintage-inspired watch collection that goes back to the history of your own brand. SWB’s ready-to-launch watch brand comes in a package that includes not only a fully equipped web shop, but also a Swiss watch brand with legacy. The formerly renowned Swiss watch brands are offered with documented history and full legal ownership.

Thanks to this turnkey solution, specific industry knowledge is no longer required to make a promising business entry into the primary watch market. Prospective watch entrepreneurs benefit directly from the secondary watch market. Combined with private label or drop shipping, SWB’s brand packages make historical watch brands suitable and affordable for all watch enthusiasts.

SWB has a portfolio of Swiss watch brands and trademarks with history. With SWB's turnkey solutions, many promising business opportunities are now accessible for watch enthusiasts. Additional consulting services by SWB are available, they range from picking the right watch design to choosing an eco-friendly watch box. The scale and scope of services will be defined by the brand’s new owners, theirs ideas and vision.

Historical watch brands may still be sleeping beauties. Yet they are already sought after on sales platforms and auctions. Some lesser-known watch brands enjoy already a high status among collectors and watch lovers. “Vintage” is now the «big thing» and this favors authentic Swiss watch brands with the appeal of nostalgia. The growing market for vintage watches is driven by consumers’ demand for vintage products. This demand has increased strongly, mainly by millennials and generation Z, regardless of region or price segment. Owners of a historical Swiss watch brand with a legacy can really profit of the trend of second hand watches.

It’s the captivating nature of a Swiss watch history that makes a vintage brand highly desirable for watch collectors and enthusiasts. Many historic watch brands have a rich past consisting of groundbreaking innovations and patents. Relaunched they are not forgotten but make a strong contribution to today’s fame of the Swiss watch industry. Now these stories are ready to be told again.


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