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Special Offers

Special Offers

Every month and for a limited time only, SWB offers discounted watch brands. As each brand is only available once, they are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.


It is possible to reserve a trademark in conjunction with a paid consultancy package.

For a limited time only! Up to 65% discount!

Watch brands with discount

Included in all categories:

> You receive full legal ownership of your own Swiss vintage watch brand.

-> Your brand is registered as an official trademark in Switzerland.

-> You have the option to extend the Swiss registration to other countries (depending on country).

-> You receive the exclusive copyright to the researched history ("Certificate of Authenticity").

-> You receive TLD domains for your trademark.

-> You will receive original memorabilia from the brand's history, such as vintage watches or brochures (subject to availability).

-> You will receive all available information about your brand, such as previous PR texts, advertisements or register entries, as high-resolution images, as well as their content translated into English.

->All information about your watch brand is clearly structured, interpreted and finally digitized for further use.

-> You will receive our Consulting Package free of charge, as well as other customized services at preferential rates on request. 

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