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Watchmaker from the early 1940s

About SWB

For almost two decades, SWB has been your trusted partner in reviving dormant watch brands. We are passionate about what we do and willing to go the extra mile to meet our clients' needs.

The photo shows today's SWB headquarters.
The photo from 1913 shows Bederstraße 28, today's SWB headquarters, with children playing.

Our office is housed in a historic building dating from 1842, shown here in a 1913 photograph.

SWB is located near the famous FIFA Museum in Zurich.

Our team is made up of legal, business and historical experts with decades of experience in the watch industry and multinational consumer goods companies. 

Do you want to be part of SWB? We are always open to enthusiastic people who want to achieve something extraordinary.


When you buy a brand with a past, you acquire a piece of Swiss watchmaking history and become a guardian of the old craftsmanship and its maker. As the new owner of the brand, you follow in its footsteps and become the only legitimate successor to continue its legacy.

You are preserving your brand and its watches for future generations.

For your friend, your love, your children.

Or simply as a promising business opportunity.

Martin Heller, Founder & CEO

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Intangible Cultural Heritage

Every Swiss watch brand with history represents a piece of the heritage of the Swiss watch industry and many of them are almost forgotten treasures.

SWB makes it possible for all watch lovers to act as preservers of past craftsmanship and their manufacturers by acquiring and reviving one of these vintage brands.

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