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Written on paper with an old typewriter: What's your story?

Swiss Watch Brands
for Sale

Revive inactive Swiss watch brands for a relaunch and unlock the potential of a Swiss brand imbued with a rich history. You harness the existing brand equity and activate a heritage that resonates strongly in the present.


Discover the fascination of dormant, almost forgotten Swiss watch brands that yearn to be brought back to life to tell their captivating stories and share them with the world.

SWB - Swiss watch brands to revive for your success.

Why Reviving a Watch Brand?

Reviving inactive Swiss watch brands encompasse numerous benefits, including easier market entry, heightened desirability, and the ability to leverage the brand's historical heritage. These factors contribute to establishing a strong position in the watch industry, resonating with collectors, enthusiasts, and customers who appreciate the unique allure and storytelling embedded in revived brands. 

Brand Equity

A dormant reservoir of accumulated value, reputation and recognition with the potential to captivate a wide audience when released through brand revitalisation.

Brand Recognition

The visible past of a vintage brand ensures recognisability and facilitates market entry, which saves time and money.


The brand's heritage, visible through iconic watches, has created brand awarness among a loyal collector community.


Swiss brands with history convey a sense of trust and reliability, a feeling of nostalgia. They offer positive associations that stand for the good old days.

Tradition & Craftsmanship

The quality and craftsmanship of the watches produced in the past reflect the standards and techniques of a bygone era.

Circular Economy

Brands with a visible past offer additional, sustainable business opportunities such as services for their second-hand watches or as a knowledge platform for collectors.

Power of Past

Storytelling is Key

Brand storytelling is an important digital marketing strategy in the age of social media. It's about connecting emotionally with your audience to build a relationship. Our digitisation of dormant watch brands with history is key.


Our historical watch brands are transferred from the analogue to the digital world. This allows for a successful brand storytelling strategy and you can build a better relationship with your community while the audience learns more about your watch brand.

The ability to tell a story from the past has several advantages that ultimately contribute to why customers prefer watches from Swiss watch brands with a history.


SWB offers dormant Swiss watch brands for acquisition that have a story to tell.

Learn more about if you are an entrepreneur, investor or just a watch lover.

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