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Brands for Collectors

Uncover hidden treasures

Celebrating your passion 

Collecting, hunting and bargaining vintage treasures to celebrate its own brand’s heritage - an unsurpassed and exceptional life experience. Since decades, this is a commonly shared passion by millions of watch enthusiasts. There is a growing community of watch enthusiasts looking for affordable vintage watches and new, exciting historical backgrounds.

1950s gold watch from the brand "LUSINA" with an Arabic peninsula enamel.

Proclaim the heritage.

It’s been fascinating to see antique pieces generating so much passion online and on social media—further proof that historic timepieces are so relevant today.

They transcend the function of mere timekeeping to tell us the history of the modern world.

Experience your favourite brand and start your microbrand with it.

It is the captivating background that makes your brand so desirable to watch collectors. A community of like-minded watch enthusiasts will be grateful to have a dedicated platform for your brand to share insights, stories, and of course, your brand's watches, making your brand even more desirable. As the owner of such a historic brand, you are predestined to continue the brands’ glory by continuing to tell the unforgettable legacy. Start your own microbrand easily with our private label watch production.

 SWB - Authentic watch brands with history

SWB's vintage watch brands have a long history and stand for authenticity. They provide a rich resource for enthusiasts to trade, blog, and connect with like-minded enthusiasts and watch collectors around the world.

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