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If you are looking for a unique opportunity and are interested in the luxury and watch industry, we invite you to join our team and share in our success. 

Independent brand consultant

We are looking for a proactive individual (she or he) to work independently to help us develop new business contacts and connect with potential customers and partners.

As an independent intermediary, you will explore market opportunities, identify cooperation possibilities and create business opportunities for our range of exclusive vintage watch brands.

Your role is to create contacts who can then be contacted directly by SWB.

Your involvement in the evaluation and realisation of business opportunities plays a central role for SWB. Together with SWB, you will shape your professional future in the field of Swiss watch brands for the relaunch market.

Your success will be rewarded with a highly attractive remuneration package and, if you are interested, further mutually beneficial partnerships can be developed.


Please do not hesitate to contact us today. Discretion is, of course, guaranteed.

Distribution partner

Discover a partnership for success!

At SWB, we are looking for dedicated sales partners who want to join us in the world of management consulting in the jewellery and watch sector. As a partner, you will benefit from

- 15 years of experience and an established market presence
- Full support of a highly motivated team
- Lucrative remuneration (performance-based commission)
- Growth opportunities (variety of services related to our unique vintage watch brands)

With our sales documentation and information on potential markets and distribution channels, you will be able to offer our unique watch brands to potential customers.

Join us today and redefine success in advising global watch and jewellery companies.


Contact us and start a winning partnership!

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